What are we doing?

Let me think this through

It's 3 in the morning

I'm back in your room

It's the same routine

We love and then we leave


Somehow or other 

Things fell into place

Strange how I wound up

Back in your embrace 

Like nothing's changed

But nothing is the same


It's not love

I know what I'm feeling

My head's on the ceiling

But my feet can't feel the ground 


It's not us

Thought I could resist you

But I went and kissed you again

Like I found something lost


And no, I don't want this to last

It's just funny how the present

Got tangled with the past


Never thought it would be you again

One wild night

One mistake and then

You took me back in time

To when I called you mine




This is too dangerous

Trying so hard 

But I can't pull away 


Bridges burned

A lesson learned

I was in the clear

Until you got in the way


Guess there's something about you

I can't seem to leave behind

Every time we're close

It's like I press rewind


Why is it when your eyes

Fade into view

I'm paralyzed

At the thought of you


Who you are

And who you were

It's getting harder and harder to see

the in-between